5 Instagram-Worthy Photo Ops in Gulf Shores

With summer going at full steam, everyone is going to be posting those amazing vacation photos. You know, the ones where they’re at this incredible destination and sporting a fabulous new bikini? You’re either the person in the picture or the person admiring it. Last year, I was the girl admiring all of those cool photos. As my mom would say: “You got left in the dust.” But not this year. I’m determined to get my Instagram feed up to speed. While visiting The Beach Club a couple of weeks ago, I found the perfect places to take trendy and fun photos. If you were the person behind the lens last year, I’m here to help with that. Read on for some inspiration on Instagram-worthy photo ops at the beach.

1. The Beach

If you’re an early bird, head down to the beach around 7 a.m. The sun has just risen, and there won’t be many people out to disturb you. The Beach Club chair and umbrella rentals will be nice and neat that early in the day, and when they are all lined up, they make for one of the most unique Insta-worthy photo ops.

2. Campfires at The Beach Club 

Campfires on the sand are quite possibly the easiest photo op at the beach. Although this isn’t allowed on public beaches, campfires can be arranged for guests of Spectrum Resorts on The Beach Club’s private beaches. Simply make a reservation ahead of time (guests who book directly with Spectrum Resorts get 10% off), and the Spectrum team members do all the work for you. Take some pics on the boardwalk, then head down to the campfire for s’mores. Be sure to book your campfire before sunset, so you can have the bonus of Golden Hour. Your followers will do a double-take (in a good way) when they see the pics you took at your unique beach experience!

Note: Beach campfires are available seasonally and can vary throughout the year.

3. Historic Fort Morgan 

Rich in Alabama Gulf Coast history, Fort Morgan may just be the most unique Insta-worthy photo op in Gulf Shores. According to their website, “Located on Mobile Point, at the end of Scenic Fort Morgan Peninsula, Fort Morgan Historic Site has a diverse number of activities to make your vacation a memorable one. Preceded by another fort, Fort Bowyer during the War of 1812, Fort Morgan is a Third System masonry fort built between 1819 and 1833. Standing guard where the bay meets the Gulf of Mexico, the fort played a significant role in the Battle of Mobile Bay in August 1864. Used intermittently through the Spanish American War, World War I, and World War II, the site showcases the evolution of seacoast fortifications and adaptations made by the U.S. Army for the defense of the country. In 1946 the site was turned over to the State of Alabama as a historic site. The grounds offer more than just history, the site also has nature areas, a boat launch, picnic area, and beaches for visitors to enjoy.”

Doesn’t that sound so cool? There are endless photo opportunities there. Plan to spend your whole day at the fort and get ready for some incredible photos!

4. Souvenir City 

Souvenir City has been a family beach tradition since 1956. Not only do they sell super-cool merchandise, but the biggest draw for visitors is the giant shark. Yes, I said giant shark! Nestled in the heart of Gulf Shores, Souvenir City makes for an awesome Instagram-worthy photo op at the beach. Stand in the mouth of the shark for an unforgettable photo that will get you likes galore! Afterward, take some time to shop inside. Souvenir City has everything you’ll need for a day on the beach.

5.  The Village Lawn

The Village Lawn is by far the trendiest spot for fun photo ops throughout Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan. Open during the summer months, The Village Lawn features vintage Airstream food trucks and fantastic live music. Seated under the festival style lights, there are endless opportunities for amazing photos.

Note: The Village Lawn is available seasonally.

I hope you found some fun ideas for unique photo ops at and/or near The Beach Club. Be sure to tag @TheBeachClubResortAndSpa during your next Insta-worthy vacay!

See you at the beach,

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