5 Reasons You’ll Love Dinner at Coast Restaurant at The Beach Club

One of the best parts of a great beach vacation is the food. Here in Gulf Shores, Alabama, fresh coastal cuisine is an attraction in itself! And we all know any delicious meal you don’t have to cook or clean tastes even better. Add in gorgeous waterfront views, a relaxing vibe, and exceptional service, and you’ve got the recipe for a magical evening at Coast Restaurant.

Located at The Beach Club Resort and Spa in Gulf Shores, Coast Restaurant is a place where every meal is a masterpiece of flavor, views and memories. If you haven’t added it to your itinerary, here are five reasons you’ll love dinner at Coast.

1. The Chef

Executive Chef John Hamme is an award-winning culinary expert with roots in fresh seafood and a storied career in some of the best restaurants in the world. He trained at the renowned Greenbrier Resort; led restaurant openings around the globe for the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company; and won international competitions that earned him a prized position on the ACF Culinary team. He was even a Top Ten Finalist at the 2017 World Food Championships!

Of course, you can’t eat his awards collection. Today, Chef Hamme brings a lifetime of skills and a passion for fresh, local ingredients to your table at Coast. Chef Hamme and his culinary team work closely with local farmers, butchers and seafood purveyors to source the highest-quality staples of coastal cuisine. His creative coastal dishes add a delicious twist to classic flavors, from the day’s fresh catch to seared diver scallops and rich comfort sides.

2. The View

The beachfront veranda looks over the glittering Gulf of Mexico, treating you to a beautiful backdrop of stunning shoreline sunsets and rolling blue waves. The oversized space, accented by tall archway columns and custom tiled floors, offers cozy outdoor seating with a side of waterfront views. Relax and unwind as the gentle breeze kisses your skin and sets the palm trees swaying, the sugar-white sands just a few steps away. Whether you’re enjoying a meal or mingling with friends, every visit to the veranda is a breathtaking experience.

3. The Bar

Our bar isn’t just a bonus – it’s the beautiful centerpiece of Coast style. The spacious bar is handmade with polished hardwood, topped with bright marble counters and high-top chairs, and backed with a custom mirror that reflects our indoor dining space. Elegant chandeliers and corner columns add a luxurious touch, while our friendly and skilled bartenders keep things casual and the cocktails flowing. Arrive early to enjoy signature drinks at the bar before dinner or finish your meal with a festive night-cap.

4. The Spirits

Speaking of cocktails, we have a wide selection of top-shelf brands, Alabama-based spirits, craft beers and wines to perfectly pair with your plate (and your palate.) Try one of our signature cocktails for island-inspired flavor, browse our brown water menu for sippable spirits, or choose from our curated collections of red and white wines. Your server is happy to make recommendations if you don’t know where to start sipping!

5. The Food

Finally, the reason you love any restaurant – the food! At Coast, we serve a full dinner menu of Gulf-inspired dishes made from the finest local ingredients. Savor the freshest Gulf seafood, enjoy a perfectly-seared steak, shuck-and-jive with raw oysters (harvested 2 miles away!) or dig into one of our signature dishes. Whatever flavor suits your fancy, you’ll find your new favorite at Coast.

Now that you’ve got the scoop, it’s time to savor a magical evening at Coast. Our waterfront Gulf Shores restaurant is open to the public for dinner every Tuesday-Saturday, and reservations are highly recommended for the best experience. Visit our website to browse our menus, book your table, and bring your appetite – your trip to Coast is just one click away!