Enjoy a Blissful Babymoon at The Beach Club

Expectant parents have a big to-do list to get ready for the new baby. But between preparing your nursery and picking a name, taking a babymoon can offer some soothing relaxation to help you get ready for the beautiful chaos of parenthood. And there’s no better place to enjoy a blissful babymoon than The Beach Club Resort and Spa, a beachside haven where soon-to-be parents can relax and unwind in a gorgeous setting on the Alabama Gulf Coast. And because we know parent brain strikes early, we’ve prepared a list of the best babymoon activities you can enjoy at our luxurious Gulf Shores resort.

Bask on Secluded White-Sand Beaches

One of the biggest adjustments of parenthood is sharing all of your space. Here at The Beach Club, you can enjoy private white-sand beaches that span the length of five football fields and offer quiet sunset strolls and plenty of space to stretch out. Rent a beach chair to find your spot in the sand and bask in the soothing feel of sun, sand and surf.

A Magical Mommy-to-Be Massage…

Following your time on the beach, head over to The Spa for a specialized mom-to-be massage at the hands of our expert professionals. Our highly-trained staff will gently ease any pregnancy-related discomfort using techniques tailored specifically for expectant mothers. The calming scent of essential oils, the serene ambience, and the expert touch of our therapists work in harmony to provide you with a rejuvenating experience that caters to both body and mind.

…Or a Fun Mani/Pedi for Mom & Dad

While you have time together, why not treat yourselves to a couples’ pedicure? Our talented aestheticians will make sure both mom and dad-to-be are pampered in style, because everyone deserves to feel their best before welcoming a new baby. (Plus, you’ll have smooth hands and nails for those upcoming baby snuggles.) Sit side by side and share the dreams of your future as our staff takes care of all your current relaxation needs.

Dinner at Coast

Food is a major pleasure point for any vacation, and especially for expectant mothers. Spend a culinary evening at Coast Restaurant to enjoy signature chef-prepared dishes in a dreamy waterfront setting. Whether you’re craving a lavish spread of fresh Gulf Coast seafood or a succulent New York Strip, every meal here turns into a memorable event. And recently voted the Most Romantic Restaurant in Baldwin County, Coast is the perfect setting to lock eyes and reconnect–if you can tear your gaze away from the sparkling Gulf waves.

Evening Beach Campfires

As the sun dips below the horizon, end your day on a high-note with an evening beach campfire. Wrap yourselves in a blanket, savor gooey toasted s’mores, and get lost in twinkling starry skies while the gentle breeze kisses your skin. Enjoy quiet conversation as the flames crackle and pop, or enjoy the soothing sound of rolling beach waves as you cuddle close together. It promises to be one memory you cherish during those noisy sleepless nights.

Book Your Babymoon at The Beach Club

After a full day of pre-parent pampering, our luxurious beachfront condos  promise peaceful dreams and premium comfort. Enjoy quiet evenings on your private gulf front balcony and explore our first-class amenities across the resort (but never far from your front door). Parenthood can be hard, but a blissful babymoon is easy at The Beach Club Resort & Spa. Book your stay today!