Village Arcade & Billiards

  • Phone Number (251) 224-3650
  • Location: The Village Arcade & Billiards can be found inside The Village Hideaway at the far north of the property.

The Village Arcade & Billiards is located inside the Village Hideaway and is here for the enjoyment of all Beach Club guests.  There is plenty to do here for children and adults alike.  Enjoy a game of billiards or try your luck at the claw machine.  Have a virtual motorcycle race against your friends or save the future from evil cyborgs; it’s all here at The Village Arcade and Billiards.

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Day Opens Closes
Sunday 11:30am 9:00am
Monday 11:30am 9:00am
Tuesday 11:30am 9:00am
Wednesday 11:30am 9:00am
Thursday 11:30am 9:00am
Friday 11:30am 9:00am
Saturday 11:30am 9:00am