The Beach Club Resort - Clean Bed Guarantee

A Clean Duvet for Every Stay

Want to know the dirtiest secret of the vacation rental industry? Comforters/bedspreads are only washed, at the most, once or twice per year! Gross, I know. You can relax knowing that only Spectrum Resorts provides truly clean beds for our guests.

The cleanest benefit of the Spectrum Experience is the Clean Bed Guarantee. What is the Clean Bed Guarantee? It is a promise from Spectrum Resorts to promote wellness with a clean environment by eliminating the spreading of germs with freshly laundered white duvets for every arrival.

If you consider booking a vacation rental not managed by Spectrum Resorts, we would suggest asking how often their comforters/bedspreads are laundered. Would you be able to completely relax knowing bedding you are cuddling up with may be the same comforter shared with spring breakers, honeymooners and hundreds of other visitors? We wouldn’t recommend it.

Because here, we do not want you to share your duvet with hundreds of strangers.

Rest Assured with Spectrum Resorts

Along with Spectrum Resorts’ Clean Bed Guarantee, we are also proud to deliver the Rest Assured mattress program. Our rentals that participated in this program have upgraded their mattresses with luxury brands including Tempur-Pedic, Simmons Beautyrest and Ashley-Sleep. These upgrades show our rental partners’ dedication to ensuring you have the best nights sleep possible. Just look for the Rest Assured badge to see which rentals participated.

Rest Assured + Clean Bed Guarantee =  restful sleep

Spectrum Experience Perks Exclusive Spectrum Perks!

 Freshly laundered duvet just for you!

Other companies only launder once per year, gross!

 High quality mattresses!

Tempur-Pedic, Simmons Beautyrest and Ashley-Sleep

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