How to Help a Sunburn

Eva Faircloth - June 03, 2016

We all have those days where you go to the beach or pool and you apply sunscreen in the beginning, but you were there for three hours without reapplying. Things happen, you forget, you run out or you can’t keep the kids out of the water long enough for the sunscreen to set in. Then, you get sunburned. Here are a few ways to take the sting out and help you sleep better at night.

Mild sunburn. This will typically heal in about two days, usually they don’t hurt, but you are radiating some heat. Put some Aloe Vera in the fridge and apply to the affected areas. This will cool, sooth and prevent it from peeling later on.

Medium sunburn. You are red, and the shower hurt. You’ve definitely got a sunburn. Cold Aloe Vera always helps so apply liberally and use any lotion with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E or Aloe. Use lotion as often as possible to prevent peeling for at least a week or two. If it hurts, dab white vinegar on the sunburn because this will take the sting out. Usually this will take about a week or two to heal depending on your skin type.

Severe Sunburn. You can’t move, it hurts a lot and only your softest clothes will not irritate it. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do, but Aloe, lotion, and vinegar may help. Take a luke warm bath with oatmeal in it and relax as much as you can. Sometimes the sheets will irritate your burn, so put some baby powder between your sheets to help you sleep. Apply Aloe and lotion liberally and continue for at least a month. Most likely you will peel, do not try to peel any part that is not easy, this is how you get scars. You should go to the doctor and get their recommendations and hang in there.

Sunburns are inevitable for most skin types, the best way to prevent is to always use the proper SPF and reapply every hour. If you are playing in water, always use sunscreen that says water/ sweat resistant on the label and always read the directions.