Four Cool Road Trip Stops Heading to Alabama’s Beaches

Eva Faircloth - September 08, 2020

No matter where you’re traveling from to get to Alabama’s beautiful white-sand beaches, there are unique stops along the way where you can stretch your legs, experience history, and maybe even grab a sweet treat!

1.  The Hank Williams Museum

Hank Williams Museum

If you’re coming from Atlanta, Georgia or the Huntsville/Montgomery, Alabama area, The Hank Williams Museum is a must-see! Born in Butler County, Alabama, Hank Williams is considered to be one of the most influential and successful country stars to ever live. The Hank William Museum pays tribute to this country icon with 6,000 square feet of exhibits that show off his boots, hats, awards, horse saddle, albums, furniture, portraits – and everyone’s favorite – Hank’s 1952 baby blue Cadillac. Not only is visiting the museum a unique experience, but it’s an educational one too. The Hank Williams Museum is a hidden gem you don’t want to miss!

2.  Priester’s Pecans

If you’re traveling from the same areas mentioned above, Priester’s Pecans is the yummiest place to stop on your way down Gulf Shores and Orange Beach! Priester’s Pecans boasts an in-house candy factory, ensuring all of their sweet treats are always fresh. If you’ve got a four-legged pal traveling with you, their large dog park is the perfect place for them to stretch their legs. The dog park, however, is not fenced in, so you’ll need to have your pup’s leash ready to go. If you’re traveling with kids, they’ll love Priester’s too. They offer restrooms as well as roadtrip toys, gifts, and of course, candy your children will love! One of the unique things about Priester’s is a viewing window where you can watch them make these delectable treats. Just head up the stairs (an elevator is available), and gaze into the candy kitchen through their massive balcony windows. You might even get a wave from one of the candy chefs!

3. The USS Alabama Battleship Park

For all of the beachgoers coming from Mississippi or Louisiana, The USS Alabama is an unforgettable experience for the entire family! This massive ship helped win World War II in the north Atlantic and the Pacific. It was home to 2,500 brave soldiers during the war but now rests in quiet Mobile Bay. For a small fee, you can tour the boat, learning what life was like for the navy men that called it home. Explore the sleeping quarters, eating area, medical offices and so much more aboard this fascinating boat. If you’ve got time to spare, check out the submarine located on the museum grounds. You’ll see what it was like to share that small space with several people, learn about how submarines were used during the war, and experience what it was like to live underwater for many months at a time. With such a broad array of things to do at The USS Alabama, this museum is perfect for any age!

4. The Mobile Carnival Museum

Mobile Carnival Museum

If you’re coming from Mississippi or Louisiana, but aren’t too keen on visiting the USS Alabama,  The Mobile Carnival Museum may be a better option for you. Located in the birthplace of Mardi Gras, this museum is home to several exhibits that educate visitors on the rich cultural history of this tradition. At the museum you’ll learn about float construction and costume design, view the robes, scepters, crowns of the Mardi Gras Monarchy, watch videos of parades and Mardi Gras Balls, and so much more! Located in the heart of downtown Mobile, you’ll find delicious restaurants nearby to satisfy your appetite and beautiful parks to stretch your legs. The museum is a great way to break up your trip and educate your family on the history of this great city!

We hope these spots add a little excitement to your roadtrip. When you get to The Beach Club it’s time to relax! Services like grocery delivery and spa experiences help you do just that.