Back to School

Eva Faircloth - August 08, 2016


It’s August and you know what that means, back to school is around the corner. Before you head back to school and back to PTA meetings, band practice and after school activities, spend the last weeks or days with your kids to prepare them for the upcoming school year.

Go out and play. In the summer time we are all too happy to have the kids outside playing with their friends and getting their clothes dirty on the playground, that’s what kids do. Spend some extra time outside with your kids before you both are “chained” to a desk with paperwork and homework. Remember, just because school is about to start doesn’t mean summer is over yet. Squish the sand in between your toes and let the sound of the waves rolling in relax both you and your kids. Enjoy your time together before the days get shorter and time flies by.

Back to school preparation. Make a reward shopping list for the kids to prepare them for the responsibilities the school year brings. Set up a special “back to school” chore list; organizing their school supplies, getting up on time, cleaning their room, choosing their outfit for the next day and all the things they need to get in the habit of doing for the school year. Each item they complete on a daily basis represents a number or a point system, if they get enough points they can get a special surprise. Maybe a day at their favorite place, like The Track or The Wharf, a toy they’ve been wanting or extra TV time one weekend after homework. This prepares them and you for the school year.

Grocery Shopping. This may be an odd thing because you cook year round, but the school year is a little different. There is nothing wrong with school lunches, but at least you know what your child is eating every day when you send them to school with a homemade meal. Make sure your child is eating healthy, besides no one wants sandwiches for lunch every day. Instead, try preparing some meals the night before or having some crock pot meals prepared for the next day’s lunch. Make things a little different and you won’t forget the day of and send your kid to school with lunch money instead of a sack lunch. For those crafty parents, Pinterest is great for meal ideas and after school snacks that are healthy, easy and won’t break the bank.

With school right around the corner it’s easy to forget things on your checklist, remember, it’s only back to school and if you forget something you can always get it the next day. The first couple of days they are getting back in their groove and so are you and don’t forget, just because school has started you are still #creatinghappymemories so enjoy every minute with your kids.