QR F.I.T. Trail at The Beach Club

Welcome to the NEW QR F.I.T. Trail exercise system at The Beach Club! This outdoor exercise system is a fun and unique way for guests to stay active while enjoying the outdoors. Fitness signs are placed every half mile along a 2.5 mile route and each features a QR code that guests scan with their smartphone to watch instructional video exercises.

Each QR Code on the QR Fit Trail signage is unique and will take guests to a specific video exercise. The QR codes will change exercises on a monthly basis to keep the workouts new and exciting. Each sign currently has four different tracks of workouts a guest can choose from: Core, Flexibility, Lower Body, and Upper Body. With that guests can perform exercises that target different muscle groups at the same station. No equipment needed!


The 2.5 mile long route begins at the west end of the Promenade by the Doral Tower Swings. The Welcome Sign will be placed here and will include the first QR Code for you to scan using the QR F.I.T. Trail app.

You then proceed to walk east on the Promenade until reaching the sidewalk running between Avalon and Bristol towers. You then walk north to the sidewalk by the cottages. Walk east on the sidewalk until you reach the entrance of the Cottage Walking Trail, proceed north until you reach the fountain area. This will be your first 1/2 mile mark and first workout!

After your workout, continue north on sidewalk to end of walking trail Cape Lane. Walk west on sidewalk and cross over to Kingston Lane to the light pole on the roundabout. Stay to the outside of the roundabout and walk back to Cape Lane and head west, ending at Beach Club Trail. This is your second 1/2 mile mark and workout!

After your workout, cross over Beach Club Trail to the sidewalk on west side of road and walk north to where sidewalk ends in the north rentals parking lot. Continue north on Beach Club Trail, circle around at the “Relax You’re Here” sign to walk south on Beach Club Trail. Continue south and get back on sidewalk where you got off before. Continue to Wildlife Sanctuary sign located on sidewalk by playground. This is your third 1/2 mark and workout!

After your workout, walk across street and walk east on Jamestown Court until it dead ends on Cape Lane. Head east on Cape Lane, follow around the curve and head south until it turns into Beach Club Trail. Continue west on Beach Club Trail until you get to Greenwich Court and walk north to the curve by Cottage 14. This is your fourth 1/2 mile mark and workout!

After your workout, continue west on Greenwich Court to Beach Club Trail. Walk south until you get to the 4-way stop. Walk west and follow the roundabout. Walk east on Beach Club Trail until you reach sidewalk to Clubhouse. Walk south on sidewalk until you reach the ice machine at the Clubhouse. This is your FINAL workout!