High Definition Golf Simulator at The Beach Club

Play the courses you’ve always dreamed of playing on our state of the art HD golf simulator located in the Village Hideaway.  Golfers can choose from 15 different courses including Pebble Beach and Pinehurst No. 2, all just a tap of the finger away.  

Our simulator measures ALL critical input & ball parameters to analyze each shot a player makes on the simulator. There are, at minimum 4 cameras capturing your swing. They analyze spin, club head speed, launch angle, swing path, object contact (heel/toe), club face (open/closed), efficiency and smash factor.

Our HD Simulator uses revolutionary 3D modelling software to incorporate REAL COURSE DATA (hi-res digital images, geophysical and satellite + drone data) into the player experience. This creates exceptional realism and gameplay that players immediately notice!

Inside The Village Hideaway

$5 per person per half hour

Reservations are recommended and can be set up by calling

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