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Located along the quiet and historic Fort Morgan peninsula, the Beach Club is far enough away to avoid the hustle and bustle in Gulf Shores but an easy drive to visit local attractions. The resort sits on 86 acres with private white sandy beaches spanning 5 football fields in length.

Vacation rentals are available at The Beach Club in the 4 gulf-front condo towers and 30 cottages. There are various rental providers at The Beach Club. But remember that not all vacations are created equal.

Bottom Line: If you value peace of mind and exclusive perks & privileges, Spectrum Resorts - the owner and operator of the resort amenities - is your only choice.


Not All Vacations Are Created Equal

Imagine you are buying a plane ticket for a cross country flight. To your surprise, the price of a first class ticket is nearly identical to economy. Skeptical, you call the airline to confirm.

While on hold, you daydream about relaxing in first class. You smile thinking about the extra legroom and bigger seat, the complimentary drinks and free entertainment.

Your smile disappears as you reflect back to your last flight. The dreaded middle seat. In economy. An economy ticket. In the dreaded middle seat. With armrest hungry passengers sitting next to you.

Startled, you hear "How may I help you?" on the other line. You proceed with the call.

Confirmed. First class and economy ticket prices are nearly identical. Which ticket do you purchase?

Just as all seats on a flight are not the same; all Beach Club vacation rentals are not the same. Your 'First Class' vacation at The Beach Club is offered only by Spectrum Resorts. Now fasten your seat belt and keep reading to learn more about all of the VIP perks only Spectrum provides.

The Spectrum Experience

Exclusive Benefits/Perks, Complete Peace of Mind and Special Pricing

Spectrum Resorts

For Guests seeking a full Resort Experience

Other Vacation Rentals

For Guests seeking a place to sleep

Don't Share the Bed with Strangers

Our duvets are washed before every arrival.

It's their dirty little secret

Other condo bedspreads are only washed once or twice a year! Gross!

Rest Assured

We have a high quality mattress in every single Spectrum managed vacation rental.

Back aches & vacations don't mix

Settle for inconsistent bedding and worn out, uncomfortable mattress.

The Highest Quality Standards

Spectrum only partners with owners committed to providing the highest quality rentals. Always.

Standards? What standards?

Roll the dice and hope you rented from a responsible owner. Satisfaction is definitely not guaranteed.

Over 100 Team Members Onsite

Our Spectrum Team Members are always here to help your family create happy memories.

They were supposed to be here 2 hours ago

Still waiting for the off-site management company.

Full Resort Access

The Club, all kid's activities, bike rentals. You name it and it's included in your stay.

Additional fees apply

It's an a la carte menu of extra fees that adds up quickly each day. Bet that wasn't in your budget.

The Best Seat in The House

Only Spectrum Guests can reserve beach chairs in advance and guarantee priority seating. Always find your perfect space.

I'm sorry, we are sold out today

Reservations for Non-Spectrum Guests are walk up only. Better wake up early.

Your Table is Ready When You Are

Avoid long waits with priority seating for Spectrum Guests.

You should be seated in an hour (or two)

Long waits at dinner time don't leave a great taste in your mouth.

Groceries Waiting for You

Only Spectrum Guests can have fresh groceries delivered to your vacation rental before you arrive.

I'd rather be at the beach

Have fond memories of trying to navigate a crowded, unfamiliar grocery store? Neither do we.

Leave Your Wallet Behind

Exclusive resort charging privileges with your Spectrum wristband. Just swipe to pay.

Honey, did you remember the cash?

Because sprinting back up to the condo is great exercise.

Leave the Mess to Us

Don't do laundry on your vacation. Let our housekeeping staff take care of things with our Towel and Tidy Service and Mid Stay Cleans.

I'm tired of washing towels

Don't miss a minute of your vacation stuck doing laundry.

Spectrum Resorts

It's Worth Every Moment

You've learned about the Spectrum Experience. Now learn about all the amenities The Beach Club has to offer.

Why Book with Spectrum Resorts?

When you book your vacation direct with Spectrum Resorts, you get more than a great vacation rental.

Clean Bed Guarantee
Enjoy a clean Duvet for every stay. Our Duvets are freshly laundered between each and every guest.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If for any reason your rental doesn't meet you satisfaction, Spectrum Resorts will upgrade you to a unit the same size or larger at no cost to you!

Room Charging
Leave your wallet in your unit. Our new RFID Bands allow you to charge back to your room with a flick of your wrist. Kids can have their own bands too!

10% off all Food and Beverages
As a Spectrum Guest, get special perks and discounts - Including 10% off at all 5 onsite eateries!

Advance Beach Chair Bookings
Only Spectrum Resorts guests can book their beach chairs in advance. Beat the rush and guarantee your relaxation.

Onsite Maintenance & Housekeeping
Life is full of surprises. Our world-class maintenance teams are on standby to make sure your vacation stays on track. Our housekeeping team can provide mid-stay cleans and towel and tidy services for Spectrum Guests.

Complimentary Resort Activities
Spectrum Guests can enjoy hundreds of resort activities for kids and adults alike at no charge.*

Priority Reservations at Coast and The Spa
Only Spectrum guests can beat the crowds at our Spa, Salon, and Coast with Priority reservations.

*Some Resort Activities include small fees to cover the cost of materials. Please refer to our Activity calendar for more information.

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