A Day in the Life of a Tram Driver at The Beach Club

Eva Faircloth - April 28, 2016

How does one describe the best job he has ever had? How do you describe loving your job and where you work each day? I realized that it would have to include describing the beautiful property where I work, the wonderful co-workers I spend each day with and the exceptional guest and owners that I interact with each day.

As I pull on to the property in the morning, I am met with lush green grounds and vibrant colored flowers everywhere. As I drive along the main road, I get to watch birds of all types flying overhead or floating in one of the many ponds that dot the landscape. Where else do you get to come to work and spend your summer watching little ducklings playing in the water as they grow to young adults over the season?  Where else do you have the honor of watching a sea turtle being returned to her home in the gulf after being saved and helped by local wildlife authorities?  I continue on my way as I admire those four stately white towers standing against a beautiful blue sky.

As always, at some point in the day, I walk out to see the beach. The beach is alive with laughter and families spending the day with each other. Those Spectrum umbrellas are lined up across the sugar white beach and filled with sun bathers. In addition, that beautiful emerald green water just keeps washing up on the shore.

My fellow co-workers help make each day special. Everyone is smiling and always greeting each other with friendly comments. The meaning of team is very much alive here. People reaching out to help each other is a way of life here. All levels of management are always friendly and asking about your day. They are always supportive and show great amounts of appreciation to all. I also witness my co-workers interacting with our guests each day in a truly loving and caring way. I am always proud to be a part of such a wonderful team.

Additionally, the guests who visit us and our owners help make each day special. I see families enjoying each other. They are laughing and playing together in a week filled without all the stress of everyday life. They are enjoying time on the beach, sharing a meal together or having an ice cream break. Each time I make my way back to the clubhouse, I am met with excited children at the tram stop. They all look forward to riding on the tram; it is indeed a pleasure to be a part of their day. Having returned now for my third season, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of our owners. I love the opportunity to greet them and visit with them during my day.

As my day comes to a close, my mind is filled with thoughts of the day and how wonderful it has been to do something I truly love doing. I can only say to myself, thank you God. If you need me, you can always find me driving the tram at the Beach Club and #creatinghappymemories.

Richard Trott

Tram Driver-Extraordinaire


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