Gifs That Will Make You Miss the Beach

Eva Faircloth - August 06, 2015

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your love for the beach has to! We decided to compile a small list of all our favorite things about the beach “gif style.” These gifs will make you ready to book your beach vacation for next year.

1. Letting the waves hit your feet


2. Watching those people who take running on the beach very seriously 

Gif 2

3. Night walks on the beach

night walks

4. Having a girls’ weekend 

girls weekend

5. Impressing everyone with your sandcastles 

sand castle

6. Wishing you were at the beach instead of in the office 

beach or office

7. Eating your first watermelon of the summer 


8. Having the perfect beach setup


9. The water 


 10. Wishing you could spend your entire summer on the beach 

summer gif

Are you ready to get back to the beach now?