6 Things We Are Thankful for at The Beach Club

Eva Faircloth - October 26, 2020

The Gulf Coast is no stranger to the challenges of hurricane season and our little part of the coast is no exception. The Beach Club is working hard to prepare for our reopening in March 2021. Despite the unexpected circumstances, we have so many things to be thankful for as our team works hard to welcome our beloved guests back to our sandy shores.

1. Dedicated Team Members

At The Beach Club, our team members are the have the best of the best. After the storm passed, we watched our team shine as they willingly accepted new tasks and traded their dress shoes for work boots and hard hats. Their commitment to reopening was reflected in their hard work and determination to welcome you back as soon as possible.

2. Safety of Our Team Members

You never truly know what to expect when a hurricane is coming your way. If you are a local on the Alabama Gulf Coast, you know the basics of storm preparation. However, storms don’t always follow the forecast and that was certainly the case when it came to Hurricane Sally. The hurricane made landfall as a much stronger storm than anticipated and moved slowly over our area causing more damage than was expected. Some team members remained onsite throughout the storm, and we are grateful for their safety and the safety of our guests. Team members rose to the occasion, assisting guests who rode out the storm onsite. After Hurricane Sally, our team quickly adapted to new job requirements. These new tasks came with new hazards while working in a construction zone. We are so grateful for the safety of our team members and those who are working hard to welcome you back to Gulf Shores.

3. First Responders, Utility Workers, and Construction Crews

This year has had more than its fair share of challenges, but one thing we can say for sure is that we have an immense level of love and appreciation for our essential workers and first responders. The eyewall of the storm had barely passed when we started to see first responders, utility workers, and construction crews rolling in to assist us and our neighbors. It was a beautiful sight to see and reassuring to know that these workers were prepared and ready to help. Many of these people worked long hours for weeks after the storm to help get businesses up and running. These dedicated workers deserve our sincerest thanks!

4. Compassionate Owners

Our condo and cottage owners are the very best you’ll find. Many of the owners personally donated funds to help our displaced team members. We are in awe of their kindness and compassion and are truly blessed to be connected with such thoughtful people.

5. Loyal Guests

Family plays on Alabama's Beaches

We love to see our loyal guests return each year for their family vacations and nothing is more disappointing than having to postpone those vacations. As you can imagine, there is nothing that makes us happier than to see our guests rescheduling their vacations after patiently waiting during the COVID beach closures and the recovery of Hurricane Sally. We can’t wait to see you again beginning March 31, 2021, when the resort will reopen in all her splendor!

6. White Sandy Beaches

Even as we work to reopen, we are grateful for the beautiful views and tranquility offered by our white-sand beaches. We invite you back to put your toes in the sand this coming spring and summer and continue creating happy memories at The Beach Club Resort & Spa.

There is always something to be thankful for and, at The Beach Club, we know that it is impossible to include everything on this list. As we move into the holiday season, there won’t be anything we’re more thankful for than our beloved guests returning. We can’t wait to see you!