5 Best Reasons to take a Workcation in Gulf Shores

Eva Faircloth - September 01, 2020

Can you believe what’s happened in the last few months? For many, our whole way of life has changed, from school to work-from-home environments. All of these changes may have your head spinning.

Do you know what you need? A workcation! A workcation is described by yourdictionary.com to be “A serendipitous and pleasurable business trip.” With uncrowded beaches and perfect fall weather, there’s no better time to take a workcation in Gulf Shores than now! Read on for five great reasons to take a workcation in Gulf Shores.

1. Workcations can be incredibly refreshing

You may not realize that working in an office can dampen your creativity and ability to generate new ideas. That’s where a workcation can really benefit you. When you take a workcation in Gulf Shores, you’ll no doubt leave refreshed. Why? Because at The Beach Club, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out and work where you want to. Some like to spend time on the balcony working. Working in the sunshine and listening to the waves roll in is so relaxing, you’ll find yourself more productive than you would have been in an office. Taking a workcation in Gulf Shores is a wonderful change of scenery, and it’s perfect for anyone needing a change of pace.

2. Workcations can be great team-building exercises

How about taking the whole team for a workcation in Gulf Shores? This is a great time to have those boring annual meetings, brainstorm, or finish that project that’s been going on for too long. Need somewhere to start the morning with your team? The meeting space at The Beach Club is the perfect spot for this! The laid-back atmosphere will put your team at ease, and the Spectrum Resorts team members will ensure you have everything you need to make the meeting a great one!

3. Coffee breaks never looked so good

One of the biggest advantages of taking a workcation in Gulf Shores is the beach! Need a brain break? No problem! There are so many options to take a break from work. Why not go for a run on the beach? The beautiful view and cool water are so refreshing, even if you just sit on the sand. With a secluded beach the size of five football fields, you’ll never feel crowded. If you’d like to stay around the resort, stop by The Village Mercantile, or grab some ice cream from The Village Creamery. The Beach Club has somewhere for everyone to relax!

4. Workcations promote good mental health

The Spa at The Beach Club

Work can take a toll on your mental health. The stress and anxiety of it all can be crushing. Having the option to go walk on the beach for a break or practice yoga in the morning can change how we view our jobs. The change in scenery and location shifts our perspective of our jobs and how we do them. Being refreshed skyrockets our productivity, and enjoying our work helps us get along better with our coworkers. Spending time on the beach or in nature can boost how happy and content we feel. The Spa at The Beach Club is also a wonderful way to calm your mind and body. Services offered include massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and so much more! After your massage, spend as much time as you like in the relaxation room, simply enjoying the moment. The benefits to your mental health due to a workcation add up, so why not take one?

5. Workcations are fun!

Coast Restaurant

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, it’ definitely something to consider! Taking a workcation is rewarding and offers so many perks to the traveler. The Alabama Gulf Coast has endless ways to enjoy yourself, whether it be by going out to dinner or taking a boat ride. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never be bored when you take a workcation in Gulf Shores!

Reserve your place in the sun and enjoy a workcation on Alabama’s white-sand beaches.