4 Unique Local Experiences for the Entire Family Along the Alabama Gulf Coast

Eva Faircloth - January 03, 2018

Taking a trip to Alabama’s Gulf Coast is a yearly tradition for many families.  Some travelers love coming back each year to visit their favorite restaurants, stay in the same vacation rental year after year, and relax on their favorite span of sugar white sand.

But what if you’re looking to add something different this year?  What if you want to return home with tales of catching a shark not with a reel but with a bow? Or maybe you want to show off a unique drinking glass that you made yourself by hand.

These 4 unique family activities are sure to make your vacation even more memorable.

Book a Bowfishing Charter

Everyone knows we have some world class fishing down here, but did you know that you can land some great fish without a rod and reel?  Targets are shot with a barbed arrow that is attached with special line to a reel mounted on the bow. Charters typically offer 2 sessions nightly – 8pm to 12am and 12am to 4am. Liquid Trails specializes in bowfishing charters targeting sheepshead, flounder, stingrays and sharks! All you have to do is book your trip and show up and they’ll provide all the gear you need.  And don’t worry about not being a great shot, flounder and stingrays make for a nice and wide target!

Hang Out at The Hangout

Ok, so if you’ve been to Gulf Shores you probably already know about this one, but if you’ve never been to The Hangout then you’re missing out.  Besides knowing how to cook up some great food, The Hangout also knows how to have fun!  There’s a courtyard with free foosball and ping-pong, live music each night, a giant sand pit, and gift shops.  The Hangout crew also puts on fun activities like foam parties every hour on the hour.

Visit a Civil War Fort

Even if you’ve never driven down Fort Morgan Road, you’ve probably heard it mentioned or seen the road sign in Gulf Shores.  Well if you do decide to head west down Fort Morgan Road you’ll end up at….. you guessed it Fort Morgan!  The fort is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm, and admission is very reasonably priced ($7 per adult and $4 per child).  You can choose to take a guided tour of the fort, or just explore the grounds yourself.  The fort is full of history, and definitely a hidden gem here in Alabama.

Make Your Own One of a Kind Souvenir

The only attraction in Alabama that lets you blow your own glass souvenir is located right on Wolf Bay in Orange Beach.  The Coastal Arts Center is a must for anyone seeking a unique experience.  The art gallery is filled with unique pieces from local and regional artists, and the campus itself is a beautiful four-acre lot that overlooks the waters of Wolf Bay.  But the real draw is The Hot Shop where you can view artists in action as they practice their craft, and actually take a glass blowing class and discover your own inner artist.  If hot glass isn’t your thing, then check out the Clay Studio where you can also learn about pottery sculpting and make your own clay piece to take home with you.

There you have it, some unique and family-friendly activities to try out on your next vacation to make your trip even more memorable.  Do you know of some fun and unique activities that were left off the list?  If so, shoot us a message and let us know about them so we can let other travelers in on the fun too!


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